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Volcano model

global warming make a 3d earth by keeping a ball on cardboard and paint it as earth is...then divide into 2 and show bad effects on left  and good on right and there is a good line"WHAT DO U CHOOSE??" make a small banner and see ur model will be very innovative and beautiful
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1.bending the light
this is a physics experiment.we should keep a bottle with a hole made in it[at the side] then through the other side of the whole we should show the razer light[the bottle should be filled with water].then we will have to keep our hand near the hole.we can see that the light comes in our hand with the water through the hole.

2.we can charge our cellphones using fruits like apples.
this is a casual electricity experiment in which we should have only an apple,a cellphone,and its wire by which it gets charged.we have to insert the wire into the cellphone,then we should have the other end inserted onto the can clearly see that your phone is charging.

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