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2015-11-14T16:28:35+05:30 can practice all the aspects of the mathematic very nicely because it is very easy I can say it is easy because you have to think every time positive about mathematic if you start liking it know it would be easy for you.
2. you have to practice mathematics very nicely daily in the morning you have to work mathematics in the morning for at least 1 hour and in the evening you have to recollect all the aspects you have been thought in the class.
3. you can randomly work out all the sums and problems of mathematics and you can even take help of your parents and tutors.
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=>practice make the man perfect 
=>so practice and practice so you will definitely will become expert in maths 
=> Doubts should be cleared immediately if you have any. But try not to disturb the class or the teacher while clarifying your doubts.
=>Vacation is a time to enjoy, really. But if you plan on improving your math, some changes are necessary.
=>Along with enjoyment, find some time (at least 2 hours) to review your previous lessons.
=>If you have any doubts, clear it immediately with the help of your elders or friends (you may also take the help of the Internet).
=>If you're done with your review, take a break for 1-2 days (don't be too happy, there is more to it).

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