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                                                                                                           date .
dear friend, 
                  our school closes for Christmas holidays on 23rd December, 2010 .it reopens on 5th of January 2011 , i am leaving for my village ,during those holidays. my  uncle ,aunt and their children live there. the village is in a valley in chittoor district.
                  The surrounding of this village, narayanapuram, are beautiful we have small hills on all sides. nagari river flows nearby . there is a waterfall called kailasa kona falls nearby . it is only 7 kms from the village . there is a big temple of lord balaji . many villagers are weavers in this village . they weave beautiful sarees which are world famous . there is a very old library in this village and it has a number of old publications .
                    I invite you to join me in these holidays . we can go to the village and enjoy fresh air the midst of green fields . we can learn swimming . we can go to the water falls and enjoy the scenic beauty. every sunday many visitors go there for a change .
                     My uncle and aunt are very nice people. they treat us with all affection . I Hope you will accept this invitation and will join me.
                                                                                            yours sincere friend ,
                                                                                               __your name _____

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