This is the summary if ch-1
the author and his two friends,harris and george are lazing about deep in discussion about their respective medical condition which on the face of it is in a bad state. The authors dog montmorency is also a party to this discussion . they think that they are quite ill and the author, who is a pateint with imaginary symptoms and ailments,consideres to be in the worst state of the three. while the author writes that his liver has gone bad, his friends are suffering from giddiness. the author has the most fertile imagination any considers that their is hardy a disease with which he is not suffering.the writer goes on to say that he suffered from a weak liver even as a young boy, which the family called laziness and cured it by giveng him 'dumps' on the side of his head. the three friends decide that the cure for their illness was rest and holiday

they argue the merits and demerits of sea-trips and finally they all agree to george suggestion of taking a boat trip. montmorency the dog is totally against this silly idea but he is outvoted and the decision is taken to go on the boat trip.

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