practice makes the man perfect.............
=>As soon as the test starts, write down all formulas or other important information on some scratch paper before you start going through the questions. This will help keep you from blanking when you need that information later.
Always do the fast, easy problems to which you know the answer first. This will help make sure that you get as much of the test done as possible. If you get stuck, just move on to the next problem that you can answer quickly.
Once you've answered the questions you know, move on to the ones you're not sure about. When you're dealing with multiple choice questions, eliminating answers that you know are impossible or silly will help you better decide between the possible options.
Sometimes the answer to a question can be contained within or hinted at in another question on the test. Look at other answers or questions to help jog your memory.
Unless you're docked for incorrect answers, never just leave a question blank. Especially if it's multiple choice; you'll at least have a 25% chance of getting the right answer.
=>This is important! Always keep track of how much time you have and try to use your time wisely. You can always go back to check or improve your answers later.
         sooo if you do this you will get full marks i tests....
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If u want to get full marks in the tests the thing is u must u know practice makes a man perfect. Read text books. keep ur concentration in studies only not in any other thing.have a positive attitude.
Set goals for yourself.Do your homework daily.Always review. After school, review what you learned that day.Develop tests for yourself.
and the main point is Always understand the topic, don't just learn it. if u just learn then u won't get full marks.
during exams:
Do the problems you know first.
Never leave questions blank. 
Study frequently.
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