Hi there,
during a math test ur mind should be clear and u should be a very this and u will feel that the test is simple.
revise the portion the day before...
that should do it 
i hope this helps u...
Practice make the man perfect 
=>so practice and practice so you will definitely will get good marks
=> Doubts should be cleared immediately if you have any. But try not to disturb the class or the teacher while clarifying your doubts.
=>If you have any doubts, clear it immediately with the help of your elders or friends (you may also take the help of the Internet).
               so now practice quickly for your maths exam you don't have sufficient time write now i think so what ever you practice you be perfect with that you you will think some thing you now. 
so now you learn the concepts that means how to do that kind of problems 
but you don't be tensed if you be you will for get what you now 
all the best ............