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   You should be regular on brainly.  You should have good knowledge of some subjects.  You should be able to judge good answers from bad.  You should be knowing rules (informally at least) that should be followed.  That is not very difficult.

   You should be on the system/ brainly site for some weeks/months.  Request the moderators or Gurus on the system.  When the management and moderators decide that you are capable of handling that responsibility, they will contact you.

    It will do good to report bad answers to moderators, as much as you can do.  Write original answers, as many as you can nicely.  Respect fellow users and brainly team members.  You should have some 15 to 20  "best answers" or brainliest answers too.  You should have answered at least a 100 or 200 questions.  You should not have many warnings and bans on you.

    There is a test to take.  if one does well in that, then one becomes a moderator or guru.  Actually when brainly needs more members in its team , then they will take in more members.  This is done on need basis.  Also,  the criteria for selecting a person in to the team is individual and on the performance of the person and the need at that moment.

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