The problem of farmer suicides has assumed a serious proporition. The toll is increasing year after year. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), as many as 5,650 farmers committed suicide in India last year. This works out to one farmer suicide in every 100 villages or one farmer suicide in every block in the country last year. State-wise, Maharashtra accounted for the highest number of farmer suicides (2568) distantly followed by Telangana (898), Madhya Pradesh (825), Chhattisgarh (443) and Karnataka (321). These five states together accounted for about 90 per cent of total farmer suicides.
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5 measures
crop insuance
weather bulletin
their loans balance should be  given back by the govt to the banks
more value or money should be given to the  farmers for their cultivation
the should be given with good quality seeds
free fertilizer,
soil test