Two places A and B are 80km apart from each other on a highway. a car starts from A and another from B at the same time. If they move in the same direction, they meet in 8 hours and if they move in opposite directions they meet in 1 hour and 20 minutes. find the speed of the cars

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do you know the answer to this question


Speed of carA = 25
speed of carB = 35
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now solvw this 2 equations
Can u Solve this question for me with all the steps
Question; a train covered a certain distance at a uniform speed. is the train would have been 6 km/ hr faster it would have taken 8 hours less than the scheduled time. If the train was slower than 6 km/hr it would have taken 12 hours more than the scheduled time. Find the length of the journey.
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Speed of carA = 25 m/sec
speed of carB = 35 m/sec