My Favourite book character is Hellen keller. If she comes alive and i get chance to spend a day with her then i will Enjoy Alot.!
First i will ask her to tell me about her Life Experience and after listning her i will give her Alot of Appreciations. Then i ask her to go with outside with me and to spend all the day out with me. First we will go to the School from where she studied, where we will meet all the childrens who are blind and deaf and passing the same situation like the hellen keller had passad. Then Hellen will speak with the childrens and guide them and give them lesson of her own struggle and i watch all this by my own Eyes. Then We will visit to the Grave of Hellen's great teacher, who helped her in all her struggle, and spend day and night with her to Educate her. After visiting there We will Go to park for walking, and Aslo for chit chat together then we will go to the Restarunt by hellen's choice and will get Dinner aslo of hellen's choice. Then we will go to her home where i will give her some gifts and will say her bye. Then I'll Leave her home and come back to my home and will write all the journey of that day in My Dairy and then I'll happily go to Sleep...

So this was My imagination, hope you'll like it!  Thanks! :)
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