To prepare for the exam the following tips are reliable:
1. wear comfy clothes before you get on to studying.
2. have an organized time table for daily studying.
3. highlight only the imporyant terms and answers rather than highlighting entire page.
4. make notes of you answers.
5. use flashcards.
6. record your question and answers and listen to them when lying down.
7. make a thich rough notebook for practice of each subject.
8. use post it notes where ever u go most just stick them on there.
9. after memorizing one topic give yourself a treat like it may be a piece of chocolate or something.
10. colour coding helps you very much to memorize so highlight and underline all key points with different colours(says study's)

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Ahem Ahem ! Well for PMT you have to study hard in these 5 months

• Study 12-14 hours a day

• Plan a daily time table for PCB

• For physics try to solve maximum solved & unsolved questions from PMT books like Arihant

• Focus on ur concept Rather than RATTAFICATION !

• Keep your Atttitude positive & believe in yourself

• Dont pressurise your brain , Take a break after every hour so that you remember all things properly rather than concept mix-match .

• Cheers! all the best