My dear countrymen, 
                                 We all know that we are born free yet we are in chains everywhere.
why my fellow countrymen, why? it is our birthright to be free, then why shouldn't it be so? u will say we are free, we are not slaves. well let's compare, a slave does free labor, so do we. a slave is looked down upon, so are we. slaves are not regarded as citizens, neither are we. slaves stay in tiny houses in slums, so do we. my friends, how much more should i say? does our king really deserve that position? if not then WHY is he getting it? france is as much ours as it is his! infact france more rightly belongs to us rather than a coward who is emptying the treasury filled with our taxes to buy his ingorant wife fancy pairs of shoes everyday! let us today promise our motherland that we will make her see all her sons being treated as equal very soon! thus here i rest my views but definitely not my stand,

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