FRIENDSHIP plays an important role in our life, because friends are important in our life. If you never had friends it means you never lived the life. Side by side or miles apart friends are kept forever in the heart. Almost everyone of us have many friends, best friend, true friend, real friend. Don't promise your fried moons or stars just promise your friend that you will fall for him......but you will never ever let your friend fall. Friend means F-few R-relations I-in E-earth N-never D-dies. Friendship is the relation of mutual affection between two or more people. Having friends is more than a blessing, once friendship is broken then it is difficult to recover it, so it is better not to hurt your friend, just being in your friend's happy or sad moments is called FRIENDSHIP.
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Friendship is very important in life.God create everyone for us in life but he gives us chance to only choose a good friend.The person who uses this opportunity they are know as they succeeded in life.Bad friendship leads to destruction.So,be careful while choosing a friend