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An ideal teacher should be quite at home in his teaching-subjects. He should be about to explain his subjects clearly to his students. His voice should be clearly audible to the last bench in the class. Everyday he should come prepared on the lesson which he has to teach in the class that day, He should not hold any private tuition with mercenary motive. He should coach any those students who need it most.An ideal teacher should be teacher of study habit. He should have a library of books around him. These books must not be cheap, novels or detectives. Because, he should read for knowledge. He should be a voracious reader. He should busy himself among his books. Besides, he should read good magazines and newspapers.An ideal teacher should come to his class in time and should leave his class in time. While teaching, he should pay equal attention to all the students in the class. While teaching, he should use all the teaching-materials necessary. He should not make any partiality while assessing marks on the answer papers.
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An ideal teacher for ever age group is different 
for which age group do you want?