1.How do we tell a computer system what to do?
2.A car needs a computer to make it move-True or False?
3.What is a computer system made up of?
4.How do we store data?
5.What are the 2 types of computer memory?
6.What does ROM means?
7.What does RAM means?
8.Which form of memory can't be changed?
9.Which term of memory is faster?
10.Which form of memory is not volatile?



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1) to tell a computer what to do we command it
2) both true and false old cars did not have computer but some modern cars have computers to do the work but cars mostly have mechanical work
3) a computer system is made up of hardware and software hardware for processing
and software for commanding
4) we can store data in a computer by many ways we can copy data from any other source and paste it in the computer 
5) two types of memory are RAM and ROM
6) ROM means read only memory
7) RAM means random access memory
8) the memory used by computers executing tasks and operating system memory cant be deleted
9) RAM is faster than ROM as its name suggests random access memory
10) non volatile memory is a memory saved in the computer regardless its on or off
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