Postmaster: hi dear (You can even write the name of the daughter)
daughter: Hello father!
P: What happened to you? Why didn't you send me any letter from your side, but above all tell me about your health... how are you feeling now?
D: Not so good, father! I was not in the condition to write any letter to you, that's why I didn't write any letter to you. I'm really sorry, father. I know how worried you must have got.
P: What are you saying? You are my daughter and don't ever say sorry to me, I can understand your situation, it's just that I was little scared and concerned about you.
Ok bye, dear and make sure to take good care of your health.
P: Ok father. Even you make sure to take care of your health and don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Bye.
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i guess this was lengthy bt hope it helps u...:)
oh mistake i commented over here
It's ok
Daughter: hello dad..its been long since you visited are you?how is everyone at home?
postmaster:i m fine daughter and so is everyone at home.but my dear daughter you had to tell me about your result for the examination.
daughter:exami...(waits for 1 sec)oh! am sorry i was not well and was not in such condition but anyways i have cleared the examination and hv reached 3rd position.
postmaster:oh! very good i was expecting a good response from ur side.
daughter:now u r lets go..i will prepare a cup of tea for u.
postman:yeah my sweet know what you mum will be so happy when she will listen.
daughter:oh really!but it was a tough one...

(both of them go in the kitchen and conversation continues over there)
i guess it is lengthy but hope it helps