ur fav topic?
And tell me in which topic are you interested and I can suggest you some good ones because I've done many science projects
working or still model?
I want an easy one that can be made at home in a few days. Topics are: 1) Health and Nutrition 2) Agriculture and food safety 3) Resources management 4) Industries 5) Aerodynamics
Still and working, either are fine.


For the topic aerodynamics u can make 
a hovercraft  which is a working model
things needed-CD, a balloon  ,a valve that can be fitted right through the hole of the CD,
glue etc...
 2. u can make a plane model a explain how it can fly-this can be done as as a still model.
i hope this helps u...

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Thanks fpr the help!! The hovercraft one sounds good! ^^
pls mark it as best
ya it is correct