Rising of the temperature of the earth causing the melting of snow .it can be control by reducing air pollution.
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The increase of temperature in the earth due to the increase of green house gases is known as global warming it leads to melting of polar ice caps it is said that it will increase the water level and can cause major floods

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rakgad it is also a point when the ozone layer will disappear uv rays will reach earth and burn it
We can control this tragedy by lowering the amount of green house gases that are in our planet. To do this you would have to cut down on the different types of power plants that are alive today. This problem arouse during the year of 1997. This was the beginning of the Kyoto protocol. This was a plan that all countries but the U.S. had ties to. The plan proposed to lower the amount of power plants to cut down the amount of green house gases that emit.