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Of course our country our life and our opinion on our life so we are wear non uniform for school it's main point it's our opinions and 2nd pts it's not boring and colorful so we are not lazy 3rd pts we are share and our new dress to see others 4th pts it's not our culture and tradition 5th pts in our life we are rights to decided anything so I should wear non uniform only for school . I hope it's useful for u and pls mark as a brainliest
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What doubt u have say 
Say I can help u
U there
Pls reply anything
Schools should not have uniform.
to be like a student a uniform is
given. but student can gain that
with their posture.colours can
increase the mental ability by 4%.
wearing a uniform reduces that.
students like looking at and in colours.

But questions is against wear uniforms u can' t ques
i dint understand wat u say sis
No dear ques us against points of wear uniforms but u answer a should wear uniforms dear
no sis........u dint understand read my para again
But in ur para it's a little bit should wear uniforms