Dear ( Name of your penfriend ),
This is ( Your Name ) from ( Your Place ). I would like to have you as my penfriend. I'm from India. As you know, India is known for its Unity in Diversity. Each and every part of India has a different language, different food, different dance, different dress and different gifts from Mother Nature. Let me tell more about South India. South Indians mainly eat rice. The dance of Tamil Nadu  is Bharathanattiyam. Each move in the dance contains a hidden meaning. While Ladies wear Sarees, Men wear Dhoti. Tamilians speak Tamil, Keralites speak Malayalam etc.. I assure you, India is a great spot to spend your vacation. My hobbies are to read books, paint, and to collect coins. If I find a rare coin somewhere, immediately I buy it. In my spare time, I either read books or I do some painting. I have three books full of my collection of my paintings. Let me know if you would have me as your penfriend. Awaiting your reply very eagerly.
                                                                                                       Yours Truly,

                                                                                                    ( Your Name