are you looking on a chat conversation?
ill giv ua telephin converation ; annita hello is this mary : yes who is tthis anita: this ir anita can you please inform the teacher that i will be absent since i have to go to the visa office , mary: yes sure! anta : thank you mary; your welcome hav a good evening


Here is a chat conversation between person1 and person2

Person1: Hi, good afternoon.
Person2: Hello very good afternoon, how are you doing today?
Person1: I am fine, thank you. Youself?
Person2: Great to hear that, well I am doing absolutely good. Thank you.
Person2: Please let me know how may I help you today?
Person1: I just need to inquire that what would be the best way to travel from Mumbai to delhi (train or flight)
Person2: From my point of view it would be flight since you would save a lot of time.
Person1: Thank you so much for helping me out.
Person2: It was my pleasure assisting you. Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Person1: No that's it thank you.
Person2: You are most welcome, have a great day. :) 
Soma-Did you complete your maths homework?
Rachna-No.I have doubt in a sum.What about you?
Soma-Same here.
Rachna-I will ask it to ma'am tomorrow.
Soma-Which question?
Soma-ohkk...i have the same doubt.
Rachna-So we will ask it together.Bye now.I need to study.Good night!
Soma-Okay!Bye.Good night!
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