Project tiger is a tiger conservative program launched in 1973 by the government of India. Its main objective is to ensure a viable population  of bengal tigers in their natural habitat and also to protect them from extinction.The project's task force visualized the tiger reserves as breeding nuclei from which surplus animals could migrate to adjacent forests. The government has set up a Tiger Protection force to combat peachers and funded relocation of villagers  to minimize human tiger conflicts.some important thrust areas for the plan period are as follows
1)Stepped up protection/networking
2)voluntary relocation of people from core /critical tiger habitat to provide inviolate space for tiger.
3)Strengthening of protection infrastructure and habitat management as per tiger conservation plans of tiger reserves 
4)use of information technology in wildlife crime prevention.
5)addressing human wildlife conflicts
6)developing a national repository of camera trap tiger photographs with IDs
7)active management for rescuing moving tigers from human dominated landscapes
8)declaring and consolidating new tiger reserves
9)fostering awareness for eliciting local public support
10)fostering research