Waste is one of the fundamentals of sustainability and there has been a lot of activity focusing on waste reduction and waste management. Government funding schemes have resulted in innovations in recycling, reuse and remanufacture of post consumer waste products

There are new regulations and codes of practice coming into play. The Product Stewardship Bill 2011 encourages businesses to maintain responsibility for the environmental impacts of its products across the life cycle. Its first program is the national television and computer recycling scheme where manufacturers will take back their products for reuse or remanufacture

The Australian Packaging Covenant provides a voluntary framework and guidelines for sustainable packaging design.There are direct links between waste and environmental sustainability.Waste to landfill goes against sustainable principles such as ‘re-use, recover, recycle, remanufacture’. It means that new products are being processed from scratch and typically results in high demand on fuel, energy, materials and other resources. As the waste breaks down it also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions such as methane and carbon dioxide.

Waste management prevents harm to human
health and the environment by reducing the
volume and hazardous character of residential
and industrial waste. Improving proper waste
management will reduce pollution, recycle useful
materials and create more green energy.
Waste Management
Waste management is a process by which our
garbage is stored, treated, transported and
disposed. Household waste is managed
differently than industrial waste, however, the
goals are the same. Waste must be stored to
prevent releases before it is transported; waste
must be treated to reduce its volume and
hazards; waste must be transported safely and
quickly to prevent hazardous releases and waste
must be disposed in properly designed landfills.
Waste hazards can include those that have
toxicity and flammability as well as chemical
characteristics that render the waste harmful to
the environment and/or humans if not
management properly. Proper waste
management improvements will ensure that
garbage does not ruin our waterways, public
drinking water systems, agricultural lands or
residential areas.