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Conservation of nature is important for all the living beings to survive in this planet. Plants are in integral part of nature conservation. All animals living in the nature helps to maintain a balance. The plants and animals living in tandem with humans help to provide the humans with several necessities without which the humans cannot survive.

What are we doing to protect our surroundings? Garbage heaps are raising and disposal of waste seems a task that is dismay. Individuals are not becoming sensitive towards animals and plants thus harming our ecosystem.
As a pupil, what have you done to protect our environment? Why we need to preserve our wildlife, do you know? We must make a conscious attempt to preserve the planet 's plants and animals. Plants are crucial for our personal survival. Plants utilize sunlight 's energy to make food --a process called photosynthesis.
Thus plants are the first important connection in the food chain of which people form a part. During photosynthesis, oxygen is discharged and oxygen is essential for the existence of life itself.
To be able to endure creatures need plants, but critters are also needed by plants. Animals and plants are consequently delicately bound together. The removal of animal/plant can drastically change the ecosystem. Isn't this frightening?
If we cause an excessive amount of disruption to the natural processes that occur on this particular Earth our personal survival may be jeopardized. Desert areas will be increased by a further reduction in rainfall.
We should conserve our wildlife too. We use creatures and many plants to supply food, substances, substances, etc. to us If we continue to work these species to some stage where they can't replenish themselves, they'll no longer be available to us.
The Earth will become barren, slowly if we have the ability to destroy most of the world's animals and plants. To get an instant, let's stop being selfish.
Therefore, we should learn to co-exist with the species which have evolved with us, and take effective steps to make sure their survival.