11. Using numerals, how does one write four 'o clock in the morning
A) 4-00AM
B) 4;00
C) 04:00:00 PM
D) 04:00:00 AM
E) 4.00AM

12. ______ the blank and choose the right answer.
A) Fill in
B) Fill through
C) Fill under
D) Fill on
E) Fill to

13. Karen is rich; ______ her cousin Kate is poor.
A) thus
B) be that as it may
C) therefore
D) otherwise
E) however

14. "Is she writing to Leonardo di Caprio? " "Yes, she is in love with ______ !"
A) her
B) it
C) she
D) him
E) he

15. … ______ do you usually have for breakfast?
A) Where
B) When
C) What
D) Why
E) Were



1) E) 4.00AM
2) A) Fill in
3) E) However
4) D) Him
5) C) What
2 5 2
11. E 12.A 13.E 14.D 15.C
2 4 2