First take the year:-
present year - year you were born
2015-1989 = 26 years
second take the month
present month - month you were born
11-12= - 1
-1 month means there is just one month left so that you can add up to the next year
thirdly take your day
present day - day u were born
17-23= -6
-6 days means more 6 days to add up to ur next month
you are less to be called 27 years by 6 days and 1 month
the other way round would be 
you have completed 26 years, 11 months and 24 days of your life

i tried and what i got it i answered brother
that calculator tells me that i am 25 year old and 10 month and 25 days are gone!
oh it fells sad.. i too saw mine
I am sorry to say that but your answer is wrong , will you ask your friend to figure out this problem? plz