In drama, you have to perform keeping in mind the composition of audience in front of you. For a younger audience, you will prefer aggressive performance. For an audience with more elders you might need to bring down the aggression and speed a little. In movies, it's the one recipe for all.

Drama is more difficult, as there is no 'Re-take' unlike in a movie where you can and probably will shoot a single scene many times before it gets finalised.

Drama won't need as much logistics as much they need for a movie. Hence you can perform it anywhere, anytime with little trouble. It can also be easily converted into a street play to make it mobile. A movie may need special effects for it to be complete. Some movies may even have special effects as the main component of it.

But the basic difference between Drama and Movie is,
Drama is performed and Movies are made.
In simple words drama is a live performance front of audience and film is one which is already enacted but just recorded