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Onnective tissue is responsible for providing structural support for the tissues and organs of the body. This mechanfunction is important in maintaining the form of the body, organs and tissues. 

The connective tissues serve a nutritive role. All the metabolites from the blood pass from capillary beds and diffuse through the adjacent connective tissue to cells and tissues. Similarly waste metabolites from the cells and tissues diffuse through the loose connective tissue before returning to the blood capillaries 

The hematopoietic tissues (blood-forming tissues) are a further specialized form of connective tissue. These include the myeloid tissue (bone marrow) and the lymphoid (lymphatic) tissue. The lining of the blood and lymphatic vessels (endothelial cells) as well as the peripheral blood, are also specialized forms of connective tissue. 

Various components of the connective tissue play roles in the defense or protection of the body including many of the components of the vascular and immune systems. 
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