Do you think it is right to kill animal to save a human life

but when people does so, dogs start coming ther for their food n they bites the person only whn the man beats it
ut that is notb my question If anyone has a problem like snake bite They should kill another animal to cure it 
no in my society a pack of dogs mauled a child for no apparent reason
sometimes its right to kill animals in certain cases as u said n sometimes its not crct to kill animals.


Yes it is perfectly right if the case is that severe. otherwise to kill them because of petty things should be a crime
Ya its ok 
but that is not my question
If anyone has a problem like snake bite
They should kill another animal to cure it
No because we are living things and animals are also living things so we all are equal so we will kill animals to save our life if animal also kills us and by human thinking is to save humans life it is correct to kill animals but animal also have a right to live in world and to balance the biodiversity we should not kill animal there ecosystem will breake
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