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Phanerogams: Reproductive organs are visible. Well developed reproductive organs.It is also called as flowering plants.It produces flowers and seeds. They have well developed root and shoot systems.Some examples of flowering plants are sunflower,daisy ,hibiscus.They are found in deserts,mountains and rainforests. 

Cryptograms: Reproductive organs are hidden. External flowers or seeds are absent. For ex: Algae and fungi.It is also called as primitive plants which does not produce any flowers or seeds.It does not show clearly differentiated roots,stems ,branches,leaves or flowers For ex:Fern,moss, fungus.They are found in shaded and humid places.
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The reproductive organs of plants in thallophyta , bryophyta and pteridophyta are inconspicuous and they are therefore called cryptogams , or hidden reproductive organs . 
plants with well differentiated reproductive tissues that ultimately make seeds are  called are phanerogams .
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