Blocking a sender is easy, but not always effective when a spammer changes his address. Creating a message rule to block a specific sender is almost as easy as using Block Sender. Select a message from the sender for whom you wish to create a rule.On the Message menu, click Create Rule From Message. A new message rule window will open with the From address of the sender already entered as the rule's condition.In the Actions box, scroll to the bottom of the list of possible actions and select Delete it from the server.Type a name for the rule in the Name box, then click OK.An info box will inform you that the rule has been successfully added.

By default, Outlook blocks the loading of images and any external content from untrusted sources. This is to your advantage. Spammers often track the loading of images to confirm e-mail addresses. Make sure you keep this feature turned on. (Configure this setting in Tools, Trust Center, Automatic Download.)

Keep a recycling bin or trash can by your mailbox or wherever you sort mail, so that you can immediately recycle any junk you do receive