You don't actually read physics. You embibe physics in yourself. It is a life lesson which only the winners have, the people who NEVER give UP. NO one has asked you to study Physics. just leave school or college or whatever. simple!
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Modern age is the age of innovations..,, m not supporting any specific topic like age of sky-touching buildings or genetics......i used tht becoz the ques is related to physics not bio tht's y i used building's example....!!
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Physics is mad but we have to read it coz modern age is the age of sky-touching buildings ,, so professional engineers are required for that.....only the physics can make a successful if anyone is wishing to b a successful engineer then he must have to read mad physics.....!!
Oh certainly not!! what you are talking about is the twentieth century. modern science and culture is about bioengineerenig and genetics, isn't it?