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10 Agricultural tools with their uses:
1. Drag - Loosening the soil amongst vegies
2. Dutch Hoe - destroying weeds or for loosening the surface
3. Flail - 
 threshing or beating grain from the ear
4. Wooden Float - 
to cut flatten and smooth areas of wood by abrasion
5. Flower Gathere - 
 cuts and holds the flower at the same time
6. Butcher Gambrel - 
to hang a carcass for butchering
7. Garden Hammer - 
 in gardening for nailing wall trees
8. Hand Roller - for 
 land be compacted after it has been spaded or hoed
9. Hoe - 
 for cutting up weeds and lossening the earth
10. Hay Knife - 
in cutting hay out of a stack or mow