For a ghost story, some suggested titles are:- the last night, terrifying day, fear of dead, are you terrified, don't see it, the biggest mistake, the old abandoned basement, etc.
!!!! hope it helps!!!!
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Hanging Hung Jury
Chilling Visions
Cold Elbows
Rigid Folk
No Accident
Not Seeing
Untold Thoughts
Yesterday’s Tomorrow
The Thing in the Pool
The Tip of the Pencil
Beckoning Fingers
No Children Allowed
Children Only
Small Enough To Get In
The Missing Street
Angry Forest
Moody Assumptions
Small House Big Room
Toe Hunter
Red Revenge
Pieces on the Beach
Never Turn Your Back
It Approaches Slowly
Gory Games
Creaking Cracks
Pile of Pebbles
Over and Over Again
The Sour Breeze
Who Gets the Second Chance?
Nowhere To Go But Inside
Not Her Reflection
Not the Right Bus
Dirt Under Its Nails
That Place Nobody Goes To
Glass Eyes in Fake Heads
No Blinking
Not a Lucky Charm
Drifting Darkly
It Smells Like Wrong
Water Chaser

Here are 50 titles for you! :)
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Some were frm a book some frm outside
from outside??
what do u mean from outside?