3. Lord Krishna and Butter:)
This is one of the best lord krishna stories for kids. Shri Krishna loved butter as a child. The whole of Vrindavan was tired of his mischief when it came to stealing butter. Yashoda used to tie it high up from the floor in order to hide it from naughty Krishna, her son.One day when Yashoda left home for some important work, Shri Krishna gathered all his friends. With their help, he reached the pitcher of the butter and they all had a good time eating it. Engrossed in their mischief, they did not realize when Yashoda had come back home. Everybody else ran for their lives and Krishna got a good thrashing.Moral – Never disobey your elders.
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1. Lord Krishna and Kaliya the Snake:Once a huge black serpent came to Vrindavan and started living in the river Yamuna. Because of his presence, the water of the river turned poisonous. People of Vrindavan were leading a miserable life when Lord Krishna decided to fight the snake. Soon the snake was defeated and Lord Krishna asked the snake to leave Vrindavan and never come back.