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The easy way to learn is to first revise it more and more time then practice it by writing it again and again.
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H,He : Hi hello
Li, Be,B,C,N,O,F,Ne : Little Betty became Betty's number one friend and neighbour!
Na, Mg, Al, Si , P, S, Cl, Ar : Naughty Maggie Always sings perfect songs (while) climbing around
K,Ca,Sc,Ti,V,Cr,Mn,Fe,Co|Ni,Cu,Zn,Ga,Ge As Se Br, Kr : Kind Captain Scares Tiny Vinny, Commando Man Feels Cold
                    – Night Club ‘Zan Gan’ Gets Ashton and Sells British Kangaroos 
 Well, that is the first 36 and I am sure that you can learn that much WHat;s the harm in memorising just 6 more when chemistry is so interesting.And yes I do hope that this helps you a lot. Well it really helped me. itook just 10 minute sto memorize all 36 elements using this!! really useful :)

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