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Few of many points that may be considered while framing your Speech  are:

Creature violence or abuse/negligence refers to damaging or
Inflicting pain and physical agony to animals for goal beside

One point of view which will be held in animal mistreatment is because there's
nothing fundamentally wrong with using animals for human functions, such as
 food, clothes, amusement, and research. (Prepare a strong defence against it)

A humanist manner is that minimizes suffering and unnecessary pain.
This might not be agreed to by general people like me. Another point of view implies
There has to be common coexistence.

Humanist Perspective should be pursued so the ecology can live in a way that was stable.

Creatures must not be utilized as properties, stopping their use as
'commodities.' by People.

Substantial punishments and powerful penalties ought to be issued against
killing or hurting of animals."