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Examples of figures of speech in the poem are

Personification-  Human qualities are given to non living things
Examples: When I cry hills laugh, I am the sigh of the seas; the laughter of the field 

Metaphor- A comparison is drawn between two different things 
Examples: I am dotted silver threads, Wings of death

Simile- It is like Metaphor in a sense that a comparison is drawn between two different things but they have something in common. Usually made with 'like' or 'as'. Examples: I am like earthly life

Imagery- It alludes to senses by means of descriptive languages
Examples: I am the sigh of the sea, The laughter of the field.

 Alliteration- The repetition of some consonant sound. 
Example: I am dotted silver threads dropped from heaven, I am beautiful pearl plucked from. 
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