Vinaigrette salad dressing cosists mainly of oil and vinegar. The density of olive oil is 0.918g/ml, the density of vinegar is 1.006g/ml, and the two do not mix. If a certain mixture of olive oil and vinegar has a total mass of 402.3g and a total volume of 421.0ml, what is the volume of oil and what is the volume of vinegar in the mixture?




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In the given question, there are several important information's provided and they can be used to deduce the required answer.
Let us assume the volume of olive oil = X ml
Then the volume of vinegar = (421 - X) ml
X * 0.918 + (421 -X) * 1.006 = 402.3
0.918X + 423.5 - 1.006X = 402.3
- 0.088X = 402.3 - 423.5
- 0.088X = - 21.2
X = 21.2/0.088
   = 240.9 So the volume of olive oil in the mixture is 240.9 ml
Volume of vinegar in the mixture = 421.0 - 240.9
                                                     = 180.1
So the volume of vinegar is 180.1 ml
 the volume of vinegar is 180.1 m