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Sinuses are hollow air cavities behind the bones of face, filled with air,
which lead to the nose cavity. They produce inside of nose damp. The inflammation of those sinuses results in sinus Sinusitis was called by ailment. A sinus infection happens when a pathogenic causes intermittent blockage of the sinus cavities. Causes:
There are amount
Of causes of those and the sinus disorder are
Environmental allergies
Tobacco and pollution irritation
Food allergies
Dental infection
Fungal disease in the sinus cavity
Colds and influenza

Its symptoms include, congestion or blockage of nasal passage, headaches, post- nasal polyps, and nasal drainage.
Complications of sinus disease contain brain abscesses, eye, and face,
Nerve injury, at times even death and local bone destruction. Treatment: If
Viruses cause sinus, then it gets worked out by themselves. Bacterial
Sinus could be medicated by antibiotics like amoxicillin. Nasal sprays can be
Used to get relief from blocked nose. In case of complications, operation is performed."