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Nuclear energy is produced by nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Atomic
The energy released in fusion is related to E = mc2 (Einstein's famous
energy-mass equation). On earth, the most likely fusion reaction is
Deuterium-Tritium reaction. Deuterium and Tritium are both isotopes of
hydrogen.2 1 Deuterium 1 0n 17.6 MeV

For an atomicFusion reaction to occur it is essential to bring two nuclei close that Nuclear forces become the nuclei that are active and paste together. Nuclear forces Are little- space forces and have to work contrary to the forces that are electrostatic
Where charged nuclei repel each other. That is the main reason why nuclear fusion reactions happen mainly in high density & high temperature conditions.

Nuclear fission is the splitting of a huge nucleus into Photons in the kind of free neutrons, gamma rays, and other subatomic
particles. In an average nuclear reaction involving a neutron along with For a fission reaction, two conditions should be met:
Crucial mass of the substance (the minimal quantity of mass is necessary for fission to be self sustaining).
A relatively slow neutron is required to initiate the process. Nuclear energy is generated for use in a nuclear reactor in restricted and economic way.
The energy produced is used to generate electricity and also to power ships.
The fundamental working process is: the enormous heat is generated in the fission reaction warm the working fluid in the propeller of ships.
Two disadvantages of using nuclear energy for producing electricity are:
1. Radiation danger is always a disadvantage in
Use of nuclear energy. The radioactive wastes are not equally safe
and has to be comprised for quite a long time which increases the price of a
nuclear power plant.
2. The nuclear fuels can be stolen or diverted to the creation of nuclear weapons."