What type of tool is this? This is considered by some to be the ultimate tool. With its waterproof properties, it was quickly adopted for a specific military application when originally introduced. The US Government also has recommended that all homes have it available. Along with its waterproof properties, it is known for its superior bonding, is heat resistant, and is extremely strong. It is easy to use with no training required, and is widely available in various sizes and colors. NASA thinks so highly of this, it is included on every manned flight that leaves the launch pad. No home, military unit, or spacecraft should be without it.



Duct Tape.

Duct Tape helps  against biological or chemical attacks. 
NASA does send up duct tape with every flight. It was useful in the famous troubled Apollo 13 mission and was credited in part with saving the lives of those astronauts. 

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Duct tape is the answer...
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