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a process by which pregnancy is stave off is contraception where all the tactics and methods used to postpone pregnancy some techniques are :-

  ⇒ Mechanical barrier method - in  copulation couple has to use physical devices like condoms or female condoms where using male condom is very good device because it doesn't have any side effects and it works as wall during sex and it doesn't allows sperm to reach in the vagina .

  ⇒ chemical method - their are many drugs and specific medics available to avoid pregnancy by the use of oral pills and vaginal pills for hormonal alteration in  vagina but there are some pills having bad effects .

⇒ another process is to cut the part of vas deference and tied it which is called as vasectomy . in this method the male body never release his sperm so he never ever be a father . 

⇒ MTP ( medical termination of pregnancy ) -  a method to abort the unwanted pregnancy by surgery but when a female abort then her capablity to produce another one is get decreased .
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