80 is the position coz there are 100 girls and from the bottom she is 20th.
100-20 =80 so from the top she is on 80th position

plzzzzzz mark as the besttt plzzzzzzzz
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plszz mark as the bestt
ur welcum girl1
no mention yaar
Her position is 80 th from the top
1 5 1
i did not copy ur answer. i know simple maths okay??
sry harsh12345 i said i think only iam not say confirm iam extremley sryyyyyy :(..........................
dude do u know the meaning of sarcasm @harsh12345 and i was saying to sound humourous. no need to overeact
its okay. i m sorry
girl1 i think u dont need to be bothered coz both of us were not wrong he could be sweeter