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Some Pointers about higher education in India is stated as 

The Indian higher education system has witnessed considerable expansion in recent years, both when it comes to the variety of associations together with the student enrollment. India has more than 400 universities and over 20,000 faculties, of which almost Student registration has crossed 129 million in 2007 08, clocking a compounded annual growth rate of 6.2% since 1985-86.

- methodologies and approaches of imparting education have seen radical changes before few years

- schooling is just not restricted to just teacher pupil interaction in the classroom

- digital medium is now an integral part: interactive screens, on-line tutors, educational modules of firms like Meritnation, etc.

- UGC and NCERT have modules which can be transmitted through the electronic medium

- many pretigious universities have begun taking a portion of the course XX result into account for entrance exams

- affiliation with foreign universities can be a game changer in the event of many Indian universities

- change from medicala nd engineering to other off beat professional courses- UGC taking a share of the class XX result

switch from medicala nd engineering to other offbeat on professional classes

- affiliation with foreign and methodologies of imparting instruction have seen revolutionary changes in the past few years

- change to mere teacher pupil interaction in the classroom