See, the drivers wear metallic covered special swim suit just because to cope with the immense pressure of the water above are small body.
Hence this pressure is so much  hat it can even crush our body up to a great extent.Our surface area is so small that the this immense pressure leads to the a big big magnitude of force which our body is unable to cope(that is the blood pressure which can not equalize the pressure of the water bed) with the force exerted by the water. So the special swim suits are worn by the sea divers which are made up o f metallic substance which are capable to sustain the pressure of the water.
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This is the concept of buoyancy. there is a buoyant law. it states that every liquid exerts a on something that is placed jn it or over it. that is the cause that shops and boats float on water.
as we go under water the pressure exerted by water will also be Increased. the divers wear metallic covers so that water doesn't put much pressure on his body. if it will then it can cause death of the divers. that's why they wear metallic coverings.
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