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YOu can start with Mr. ABC is my teacher, He teaches us Maths/Physics

He's extremely fond of his pupils and a young man. He works really challenging for them. All pupils are thought by him as his kids. He's been to the staff of the school for almost ten years he's the senior teacher of the institution.

He constantly comes to the course in time. He's dressed. Constantly he's a happy face. I've never seen him upset or depressed. He was quite soft spoken. Pupils are helped by him from their problems.

He instructs the course really attentive. They are never beaten by him. He takes great pains to instruct them. All his pupils are not unintelligent. His lessons can be understood by them quite readily.

He commends and loves those lads who do their work intelligently and consistently. He's got an excellent teaching quality. He talks with great ease as well as in a language that is very simple.

There's not only show in his address and a hint of verbosity. The Headmaster exceptionally as well as all teachers commend him.

He adores us all. He's not glad when somebody is ill. He's not glad when somebody does wrong. His pupils are never beaten by him. He places them right by tender and kind words and love.

Also may be relate a personal example of he inspired you could be cited.