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It gives the metaphor of stage to all world and each person goes through these periods:

In this period he is dependent on others and must be constantly attended to.

-- Childhood : It's in this stage he begins to head to school. He is loath to leave the safe environment of his home as he is still not assured enough to exercise his own discretion.

--Adolescence:In this phase, adolescence that is comparable to modern day, he is consistently remorseful due to some reason or other, particularly the loss of love. He attempts to express feelings through some other cultural activity or song.

-- The soldier : It is in this age, comparable to modern day young adult, that he begins to think more of others and thinks less of himself. He's quite easily aroused and is not cold headed. He's always working towards gaining acknowledgement, yet short lived it may be, even at the price of his own life and building a reputation for himself.

-- The justice : In this stage, comparable to modern day adult, he has obtained wisdom through the many experiences he's had in life. He's gotten to a position where he's acquired success and social status. He becomes very attentive of his appearances and starts to appreciate the finer things of life.

--Old Age:He starts to lose his charm physical and mental. He begins to become the brunt of others ' jokes. He loses his firmness and assertiveness, and shrinks in style and stature.

-- Mental dementia and departure: His standing is lost by him and he becomes a non-entity. He is in need of continuous support and becomes dependent on others like a child before finally perishing.