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The play "Julius Caesar" signifies Shakespeare's notion of fate and free will. According to the play, Caesar had received number of signs, in the kind of omens that foretold his misfortune. Nevertheless, Caesar decided to go the Senate on the fateful time. This choice of Caesar secured his destiny. The play discusses the decisions taken by others like Brutus and Anthony, that decides the destiny of Caesar. The play symbolizes the fact that fate and free will in many cases are intertwined. Additionally, it reflects on the notion of Shakespeare that unnatural components affect our existence. For example, the interpretation of Brutus, that Caesar's ghost was responsible for the his and Cassius' defeat, in the hands of Octavius and Anthony; symbolizes the supernatural, which can be a vital subject of the play. Therefore, once again we can draw the conclusion that Shakespeare provided fate a position that is somewhat higher in comparison to free will.