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Cricket Match
Dec 4, 2015
Cricket Trainer
Kamala Nehru Vidyalaya, Delhi

A cricket match was organised yesterday in Kamala Nehru Vidyalaya. The match was played between the team of AC Ganguly Senior Secondary School as well as the team of the host school. Both the teams played exceedingly well and no one was being able to make out till the end that who would win definitely. The host team won the match and decided to bat first. The opening batsmen played so nicely the other team was unable to command them. They scored 50 runs in 5 overs. When they lost first wicket, they received a terrific set back. The team kept on playing well and failed to surrender to the conditions. They establish a target of 197 runs in 20 overs. Then, it was the turn of the team of AC Ganguly School. They showcased their strength of bat after showing their bowling abilities in the last innings and also played extremely well. They pursued the score really well and were able to complete the set objective in 19.4 overs only. As they received the victor's trophy, the team rejoiced.
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